Social Media Report

In this report we take a look a a social media platform known as LinkedIn and see why is it is suitable for the workplace. LinkedIn: 1. It is a professional network. Allows registered members to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally.


  • On this platform, the users make “connections” rather than add friends or acquaintances and if you have a google account, the app can automatically sync contacts form google and recommends people you may know. LinkedIn: on LinkedIn, you can find jobs and directly connect with the company. As well as being able to find a job, it makes it easy to connect with co-workers and people wanting to work for the company.


  • LinkedIn: Content Overload: LinkedIn is a great way to share articles or tips, but too much content can make your audience feel overwhelmed and loose interest in your LinkedIn page. For example, if a person is looking for specific post on your page from a week ago and they cannot find it, they will find another artifice on a similar page because they feel frustrated. This can result in limited interactivity when compared to other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Security and Privacy


As with any social network site, there are privacy and security issues with LinkedIn. You typically reveal a lot more personal information in your LinkedIn profile than you would in your Facebook profile. The social network says all data is encrypted to and from your device, and that your passwords, email contents, and security tokens are stored on your iPhone rather than LinkedIn’s servers. ssentially, when signing up for the service you authorize LinkedIn to scan your emails. When its server detects a person with a LinkedIn profile, it adds in data to your email and sends it to you. It’s a neat trick, but it also means that a third party is scanning all your emails.

Relevant Information


LinkedIn has recently decided to make it possible for users to access the app’s content on mobile devices. This is a big advantage for users who don’t always use their laptops or tablet/iPad. The redesigned app has a cleaner layout, borrowing UI and user experience (UX) design principles from social networking apps, news apps, and games, and has even adopted aspects of app culture’s latest design craze: Tinder-like swiping functionality.the media web app LinkedIn was originally launched online and was a accessible through the website. Although there is a mobile application built, the user can still access the website on pc and mac as long as they’re connected to the internet. As well as having access to the app on any browser, users can also download the mobile version through the play store or the apple app store. This is great because it allows flexibility for the user to stay up to date on their favourite computing devices


LinkedIn is an application I would recommend because of its simple and easy user interface. The main reason is it’s solely built around business community, rather a regular social media application. It is also popular amongst businesses so most business owners are familiar to it.


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